Welcome to my page. This is still under development.

My name is Shion Guha and I am an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Information at University of Toronto. My broad research interests are in the nascent field of Human-Centered Data Science which I have helped develop.

I am very interested in algorithmic decision-making, especially in public services such as criminal justice, child welfare or healthcare as well as the intersection between AI and public policy.

I will add more to this page when I can but for now, please see my google scholar profile for an updated list of publications as well as my cv for other information. I also tweet from my professional account sometimes. I do not have any other social media.

Fall 2021 and 2022:

I am looking for prospective PhD students and postdocs for Fall 2022 as well as MI students who are looking to do a thesis with me. Please reach out at shion[dot]guha[at]utoronto[dot]ca if you are interested in working together.